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TWD S06E12 Not Tomorrow Yet

***SPOILER WARNING: This is all about the tv show The Walking Dead, season 6 episode 12. Turn back now if you haven't seen it yet.***

Not Tomorrow Yet

I don't know where to start. Still.
I watched this show last the other night, but I couldn't watch it straight through the first time around.
The stuff before opening credits was good. It put me through a roller coaster of emotions. I smiled, I got teary-eyed... then I nearly broke down crying when I saw the cookie on that grave. ='(
And then the rest of the episode - nerve-wracking! I had to pause every now and then to get up and pace the room before continuing because I was too distressed about what might happen next.

I ended up re-watching 2 or 3 more times trying to think of how I'm going to write this post. What do I want to say? Where do I start? How do I go about this?
All I accomplished was give myself a headache. >.<

I am a mess! I still am. Unlike the title, it is already (the day after) 'tomorrow' since I watched the show last the other night and I still don't know how to do this. So apologies in advance if this post becomes overly long and scattered. I seem like those people in the pictures - my brain feels splattered all over the floor. x(


Ok. I'm watching it again now. I think I'll just go from scene to scene. I may jump forward and/or back anytime.

Opening scenes:

=) Carol. =) Carol. =( Carol. ='(

We missed Carol for the past 2 episodes. So what has she been up to? Busy cooking for one thing. =P Reminds me of last episode when Jesus complimented the chef on her cooking and Daryl said 'she's not here'. Pretty sure that was Carol's cooking. And she wasn't at the meeting.

I just now looked for the song playing and tried to find the lyrics. Weeds or Wild Flowers / Parsonsfield. "Well, I came along to find a little peace of mind, neglecting all my duties, stepping off that straightened line. Now I just sit by my front door filled with indolence and sound. It's like I'm watching the weeds grow on my brow. And I had a pure potential in a soiled white shirt, with love enough to kill me but was unsure of its worth. And though the night is sweetened by some rising of the moon, I've lived enough to know the battle's never through. You pass something down no matter where or how. Will there be weeds or wild flowers affixed upon your bows? And there's a crooked burning cigarette rolling on your tongue. Will there be weeds or wild flowers when you're done? Remember, you traveled through the desert, you traveled to the sea, looking out on some horizon asking what you made of me. And we all hang around with a free or toiled mind while all of our branches entwine. And as I watched the brick erode from day to day, the leaves change their colors and the loft fills with hay. And as a blade of sunshine cuts across my chest, the blood beneath boils with unrest. You pass something down no matter where or how. Will there be weeds or wild flowers affixed upon your bows? And there's a crooked burning cigarette rolling on your tongue. Will there be weeds or wild flowers when you're done?" There's meaning to this song but I won't go into it now. Just thought I'd include it here if anyone wants to look... (By the way, a last stanza is not included in the episode.)

Back to Carol: I find it interesting that when the group first came to Alexandria, Carol assumed the role of a sweet lady who couldn't hurt a fly, and she set about spending time with the other Alexandrians baking cookies and stuff. But that was mostly pretend while she was basically spying on them. This is a bit different. It seems that Carol is now really trying to embrace that role - like she wants this to be her new world and forget what she became. But then Rick comes along to tell her they're going to have to fight. =(

Morgan and Carol.

So apparently, no one knows that Morgan kept the Alpha Wolf alive, and that Denise was subsequently taken. Carol told Rosita, Tara, and Eugene not to tell the others.

I think Morgan realizes that he made a mistake. Or more specifically, that what he did put someone in danger. And he doesn't seem to mind if the others know about this. I guess in a way, that could mean willingness to take responsibility for his actions. But Morgan seems to have a way of not saying what he means clearly enough... (I get the feeling this is deliberately done for the story. Poor Morgan.)

As for Carol, she's still guarded against Morgan and annoyed with him even though I feel she knows that he was right. It's like when you get angry at a friend when they tell you some hurtful truths...

Morgan seems to think that Carol decided to keep it all secret to protect him, and he tells her that she doesn't need to carry that burden. He mentions that doing so (protecting him) is like condoning what he did.

To this Carol vehemently objects. Because I think the real reason why Carol wants to 'forget it and move past it' has nothing to do with trying to protect Morgan at all, it's because she feels the guilt and wants to deal with it on her own. *Cookie on Sam's grave. ='(

The rest of the episode:

The meeting.

Rick's explanation of the situation makes sense. And the decision to go after Negan now instead of waiting for them to come is sound. I still believe this. But what Morgan says makes sense, too. Let me explain:

Notice that Morgan first asks if the group is sure that they can beat Negan's group, and Rick says yes. Here he establishes the belief that their group is stronger than the other one. Notice, too, that Morgan does not necessarily object to 'going after' the other group. To me, this shows that he has at least taken a teeny tiny step back from the ideal of 'all life is precious' though he still truly believes in it, which is fine for me. (I believe it, too.) What he objects to is killing off the other group. Confusing? I'll clarify: sure, go after the other group, but don't kill them.

What Morgan proposes is that they assert their strength/dominance over the other group, then give them the choice whether to surrender to them or not. "It's a way out for them and for us." 'It's a way out for them' because Rick and co. is stronger than they are. Here's a way for them to be spared and have a chance to start again with the new group (Alexandria). 'It's a way out for us' so we don't have to have blood on our hands because the dead - meaning, what you did to them, killing them, not the walkers - will also come back to haunt you. For the rest of your life.

Now, I don't know at this point what Morgan had in mind for the people who won't submit. I surely hope he doesn't mean to just let them go free. (If so, I would be the first to hit him over the head with something very solid. >.> ) Because Rick is also right in that 'they always come back' and might attack them later.

I guess I spoke too soon when I said last time that I like where Rick is at now, that he is more or less in the 'middle ground' I want for Carol and Morgan. I was wrong. He's not there yet. Far from it. Carol and Morgan seem to be closer to it than he is. =\

Granted, the way they described what Morgan wants sounded so... ugh. "Morgan wants to talk to them first." Gives you visions of diplomatic envoys coming in for a meeting. No! Was this what he wanted? I honestly don't know. But I see no reason why they couldn't have come up with a plan that's in between what they ended up doing and what Morgan was asking for. Here I am again with some sort of 'middle ground' idea. I'll never tire of it. I believe balance is key.

For instance, with their plan of going in and quietly picking out the enemies one by one like that, why couldn't they try to subdue them one by one so they can't fight back? Bound them, gag them, knock them out, drug them. I don't care! Just don't kill them. Yet. Unless they give you no choice.

Carol can't sleep.

Who's R? I thought it started with Karen and David. At least that's when Carol stepped over the line in my mind. L is Lizzie. I guess she killed maybe 3 in Terminus. What is candle woman? 4 there. And 7 wolves. (I did a search and candle woman apparently is in Terminus also, Tasha Yar, you know. <.< ) Carol is keeping count! They are haunting her. =(

Maggie wants to come along.

Why?!?!?!?!?!?!?! *pulls hair out* Last week I said, surely they would not let the pregnant woman come along on such a dangerous mission! But they let her come?!?!?!?!?!?!?! D=

"I led us into this. I have to come." No!!!!! What bull... No, Maggie! You did not lead anyone into anything! The decision to offer coming after Negan for Hilltop was made before you went into Gregory's room. Daryl first suggested it. Rick did not object. You were only the messenger! Arggh! The only thing you tweaked in there is the 'half of everything you have' part which was brilliant!

The wisdom of Tobin.

"You're a mom." Enough said.

I am expounding on this issue because comments I saw on the walking dead tv's community clearly shows most people do not think the same way I do. =P So, no. 'Enough said' is apparently not enough. =P

A lot of people seem to have seen this comment of Tobin in a negative light, that he was somehow belittling Carol. As if he was saying something like: you do all these scary things, but you're a mom, you're weak, that isn't you, you shouldn't do that. Or something along that line maybe. (If I am wrong, please correct me.)

But this is not how I saw this at all. In fact, it impressed me in the completely opposite way.

"You're a mom" is a compliment. A mom in Tobin's mind is not a weak person, not a stay-at-home mom, not a soccer mom, not anything like that. A mom in his mind is that strong woman who carried you for 9 months and gave birth to you amidst all the pain. A mom is someone who would do anything - ANYTHING - for her children, to ensure that they are safe and happy. That's why when Carol asked him, 'how do you think I do all those things?' - those things he described as scary things - he said because you are a mom. You can do all those scary things because you are a strong woman. You are a mom. And all the community are your children.

Abraham is a douche.

I've said this in Facebook and I'll say it here again: I don't get why Abraham broke up with Rosita at that specific time. They were going on a dangerous mission the next day. Why not wait until after? If he died, then Rosita would be blissfully unaware. If Rosita died, then Abraham would be spared from breaking her heart. If they both survive, then by all means, break her heart later. >.>

I was genuinely afraid that this will upset Rosita so much that she'll make a mistake during the mission and die. She proved me wrong. She was very focused. You go girl!

Eddie orients the group.

"They want Gregory's head, right? We're gonna give it to 'em."

Now, I was sure that they won't actually give them Gregory's head. I had a passing thought of 'what, do you have a makeup artist among you?'

Minor nitpick: The group is extremely lucky to have found a walker who looks close enough to Gregory. And even more lucky that said walker is not rotten enough to turn to mush when Rick started punching it... <.<

Group arrives at perimeter?

And as soon as they stop, each driver leans on their horns. What the...? Are you trying to announce yourselves? Geez. Be quiet! You'll give me a heart attack. O.o

(see ETA #1 below)

Rosita and Carol.

Morgan... tried to talk us out of this. "What's wrong with that?" ... "He doesn't want to kill." See. Carol understands him now. She just doesn't say it out loud or to his face. But she gets it. Rosita doesn't. Nor does Rick and most of the others. =(

Carol confronts Rick about Maggie.

I agree with Carol 100% - Maggie shouldn't even be there in the first place.

Although I wonder if, even just a little bit, Carol wanted to stay outside with Maggie not just so that Maggie won't be alone, but also to not have to go in the compound killing people... She counted 18, yes? Could she maybe... not want to add to that so much anymore?

Eddie and Jesus chooses a head.

Funny moment: the look on Jesus's face when Rick starts punching...

Also, "the Saviors, they're scary but... those pricks got nothing on you".

The mission.

Eddie (aka asshole, shitbrain, or needledick) gives the head to the two Savior guards.

I love how, the moment the 2nd guard disappears into the building, everybody comes out of the woodwork, kills the 1st guard and carries him away, then vanishes again before guard 2 comes out with Craig. I imagine this is what it's like behind the curtains when people rearrange the sets between scenes in a play. I don't know. It's just... cool! They kill guard 2 and bring Craig to safety, then most go into the building. So far, so good.

Rick kills one Savior in his sleep. Glenn kills another, and then another, sparing Heath from doing the deed...


What was I thinking? This is... not really what I expected. But what was I expecting? I don't know. Somehow I imagined them going into the enemy camp and fighting it out. It'll be dangerous. They could die. But it didn't occur to me that they'd be killing them in their sleep. o.O I guess I was naive...

The only consolation is seeing those pictures on the wall above the bed of Glenn's 2nd target - pictures of people with their heads bashed in. At least that shows that that person was a bad one indeed... But what about the others?

This really isn't Abraham's episode, is it? Earlier, he was a douche. Now, he's just careless! I was afraid Rosita would be distracted because of what happened the night before. But it seems Abraham is the one distracted by being paired up with Sasha. I could be wrong but... was Abraham really supposed to be looking in the direction of Sasha, or the place where they came from, which they've already cleared? Shouldn't he be looking further down the hall towards the area they haven't cleared yet? Because if he did, he would have seen that guy come out of that room and take care of him quietly. As it were, the guy noticed them first and was able to sound the alarm. D=

Was that a good thing or a bad thing? Surely, the answer is: it's a bad thing. Because now everybody's awake and the group will really have to fight it out. But a little part of me thinks perhaps this is a good thing, too. Because it has now become a matter of self defense instead of cold-blooded murder when they kill the enemy... =/

Carol stops Maggie from coming in to help. "You're supposed to be someone else." I'm still not sure what exactly she meant. Who is Maggie supposed to be? What is she supposed to do? Be a mom? Take care of herself and her child first and foremost? Or does she mean you're supposed to be someone else other than a cold-blooded murderer? Maybe the former, or both, I don't know...

Badass Jesus moment: "We're gonna make it, and they're not gonna see me." (Deleted scene: Because I'm a ninja! xD ) Just kidding...

I should feel a little better now, right? I mean, this isn't outright murder anymore, like I said, it's now self defense. But come to think of it, this kill or be killed mentality still leaves a very bad taste in the mouth... =/

Glenn is almost killed again. How many of his nine lives has he used up?

I don't know if what Gabriel did was better. Maybe a little, yes. He told the guy to drop it, but he didn't. I wonder, if he did drop it, would Gabriel have spared him?

The morning after.

It seems they've won. The deed is done. But it is evident that at least some of them don't really like the feeling... Heath and Tara leave for their 2-week supply run. Jesus presumably goes with them because I couldn't see him anywhere after they left. (I kept counting the people and trying to identify them in all the shots.)

Meanwhile, in Alexandria, Morgan is building something - what is it? Someone in Facebook said it seems he's building a jail. I think he's right. I hope he is.

(Just taking note here of the ending song: Arsonist's Lullaby / Hozier. The lyrics didn't strike me as much as the first song did. At least not yet. So I don't know what it means for now.)
Or perhaps... part of the lyrics went like this while Morgan was in focus: "Don't you ever tame your demons, but always keep them on a leash." ... I guess jail makes even more sense now.

Michonne wonders which one of them was Negan. Of course, we know that none of them was. One of my passing thoughts was right - this was just an outpost. =|

A rider comes out on a bike and they shoot him down. It was Daryl's bike. The one taken from him by that guy and girl who also took his crossbow. Yeah! What happened to them? The seemed to be Negan's people who were, at that point, unhappy and wanted out. Did the Saviors catch up to them then? Probably. So where are they now?

This brings to mind many more questions and no answers. -- Negan sounds bad. The guys Daryl blew up were bad. Those guards at the door seems bad. The guy who posted pictures of bashed in heads above his bed is probably bad. The unseen people who chased and shot at Daryl, Abraham, and Sasha when they led out the herd were bad. But then there were people like D. (That was what they called him, right?) And those two girls who's names I couldn't remember, if ever they mentioned it at all. Granted, in the end, they took Daryl's stuff and left him. But hey, Jesus did the same, right? Took the truck and left Rick and Daryl. And Jesus turned out to be not so bad. Who's to say D and that girl wasn't so bad either. And if there are people like that in Negan's group, could there be others? Are there more unhappy people among Negan's group who may want out? ... Makes you question Rick's decision now to 'kill them all'. =S Morgan was right again. (Also see ETA #2 below.)

The rider taunts Rick to kill him - "like you did everyone else, right?" =S

Then a voice on the radio. An unseen enemy, or enemies... and they've got Carol and Maggie. Shit. >.<

It's too late now. The deed is done...

So, will there be weeds or wild flowers when you're done? ='(

ETA #1:
I think I know now why they all honked their horns when they first arrived at that place, which is probably not the immediate perimeter of Negan's place, but somewhere halfway there maybe. They were on the hunt for a suitable head then and was therefore trying to lure walkers to themselves.

ETA #2:
I neglected to mention something important - Tara's story. She confessed to Father Gabriel that she lied to Denise earlier by telling her she loves her, to cover up for something. That she loves Denise is not the lie - she does. It's the covering up that she's feeling guilty about. Because she has done something like this before and she didn't like it.
That she was once a part of the Governor's group who attacked Rick's group at the prison is something that can be easily forgotten by now because she has become such an integral part of the group. She has become part of the family.
But it used to be that she and the others were on different sides. And now they are all on the same side. Is there no such possibility with Negan's group and Rick's group now? Maybe not Negan himself, who's supposed to be this really bad person. But are they all evil? Again, could there possibly be more unhappy people in Negan's group who wants out?

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